SJ Covan, founder of LCovan Productions LLC, has written three novels, a short script, and five features. She is a member and volunteer for Boulder Digital Arts and Denver Open Media Foundation’s well respected video production projects; and has always invested in highly respected filming industry workshops. After a successful career in the science sector, she is now focused on video production and marketing her content. Beginning with her short: A Slip of Thought; to be filmed on lower downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall.

SJ’s love for encouraging and informative interviews and workshops has her launching an “Ask an Expert” podcast. “Ask an Expert” will be a platform for those who are in…have been in…and those currently working hard to be in the filming and video production industry. A quiet and serious podcast, sharing stories of personal successes and challenges is her vision. Experts in every critical filming role will impart the realities that hinder or make a meaningful career. Knowledge to blueprint goals, take advantage of opportunities, develop one’s talent, and head toward meaningful connections. Critical questions will be answered by someone well informed.

SJ ask you to pray for her screenplay and novel marketing endeavors. Wish her luck with the podcast. And please enjoy her content. Log lines and synopses are readily accessible. If you choose to review the actual novels or screenplays and do not have a password a simple email will quickly get you access.

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Pictures of Ptolemy (his smile so sweet) from birth through his short fourteen months should be here. One day they may be brought down from the cloud. But for now, the pain is still so fresh, his Ferril Lake memorial bench directly in front of an island of beautiful birds and within the music of summer Sunday jazz in Denver’s City Park will have to suffice. His bench is in a perfect location — being just yards to the east of the Children’s fountain and in front of Lily pond and the big Electric Fountain. The tranquility of his bench along with the comfort that precious Ptolemy is in the presence of A LOVING SAVIOR and the care of The Heart of Sonia Alumer — his great auntie — is a blessing.

As for Sonia Alumer, webs of words from pettiness to powerful honestly speaks of he persona; however, none can deny her brilliance and her forever giving heart. Where their stories leave nothing to whoa and wow about, and actually are heartbreaking: Ptolemy died incomplete from a lack of days. And Sonia Alumer passed incomplete at the early age of fifty-eight from a lack of deliberate living. Until her death, Sonia recycled her fatal past, but never into a dumpster.

To celebrate their lives, and so Sonia and Ptolemy shall not be forgotten, The Heart of Sonia Alumer’s 501(c)(3) is being established to bless the needy and support the development of creativity throughout the world.

In their memory, we build

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