The Image

Top-rated, talk-show host Wanda Walker has a skeleton closet full of horrific secrets being cruelly revealed to the world by the kidnapper of her six-month-old granddaughter. Saving her granddaughter requires disclosing long buried truths while facing the wrath of once loyal fans and the attacks of cut-throat rivals.


Wendy is sixteen when she witnesses the murder of her employer and twin sister who police believe to be her. She escapes the New York mafia responsible for the murders and changes her identity to her sister’s. Five years later, she unknowingly helps the drug addicted son of a more powerful Mafia family clean up his life. To keep him off drugs, she is forced to marry him. She then must work everyday to keep her real identity a secret.

Demonic Productions

All the world is a stage and the greatest evils have all been well scripted. Deep in the recesses of hell a reward show is approaching, and just like Hollywood, master cinematographers of malicious productions are honored. For vanity’s sake Evil competes by displaying the most artfully directed destruction of lives and conquest of souls.
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