The Image

The Image (Novel)

The Image

SYNOPSIS: Wanda Walker is celebrating her 20-year rule on daytime television and the release of her best selling autobiography. Throughout the world she is loved and respected for her charitable giving, envied for her marriage to a handsome billionaire, and her son and his soap-opera actress wife have an adorable six-month-old daughter. When her granddaughter is abducted from her mother’s filming set, Wanda’s talk-show rivals become part of a creative plot for her destruction. Wanda’s lies and deceits are fed to her competition for them to taunt and shame her. Pure viciousness is required of each to keep the baby alive and generate ratings that determine ransom amounts.

Her once loyal fans, feeling used and deceived, quickly turn against her and hired thugs threaten and mock Wanda in her world famous talk-show studio as she stands by helpless for one wrong move jeopardizes her granddaughter’s safe return. Her husband must face the fact that he really doesn’t know his wife of twenty-five-years; especially when it is revealed that she slept with his grandfather for material gain. Her in-the-closet son is hurt and angry because he is in a marriage he hates only for his parents’ sake.

Suffering humiliation and F.B.I grilling, Wanda turns to binge eating and heavy drinking, and is body shamed on top of everything else. Just as she is about to end her life, there is a shocking break in the case. It turns out that her daughter-in-law, and her husband’s jilted mistress, have staged the kidnapping. And it only gets more tangled when Wanda discovers that her daughter-in-law is actually her niece from a half sister she had no idea about; and her granddaughter, is not her son’s.

In the end, in spite of all the hell, for the first time, Wanda Walker faces the truth of her abusive past. She and her husband find the forgiveness to not only save but strengthen their marriage. Wanda is able to live happily ever after; free of her ingrained facade. She remains the top-rated talk show host. Her husband at her side and her son freed from his miserable marriage.

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