Slip of Thought

On a cold night in Denver, Colorado, Stiff, a homeless former army medic wakes up to find a well dressed lady sitting on the bench across from him. Beatrice is a wealthy matron incoherently wandering around the 16th Street Mall after suffering a breakdown due to the loss of her husband....

Boulder High

After a failed suicide, nineteen-year-old Faye moves from California to Colorado to live with her estranged father. She goes to work for a Boulder cannabis grow operation. There she roots her soul…fertilizes her spirit…buds her potential…blossoms new dreams that seed her lifelong growth. She also meets a perfect love.

Twinkle Star

A young hip-hop star is dying so she decides to live life to the fullest and define her definition of style and grace.

The Image (Screenplay)

Top-rated, talk-show host Wanda Walker has a skeleton closet full of horrific secrets being cruelly revealed to the world by the kidnapper of her six-month-old granddaughter. Saving her granddaughter requires disclosing long buried truths while facing the wrath of once loyal fans and the attacks of cut-throat rivals.

What Counts

An aspiring rapper naively shares his music with the daughter of a floundering music producer in hopes of landing a contract. When she claims the songs for her own, he must find a way to get them back or risk betraying the friends who helped him create his music and disappointing the parents who desperately want him to succeed.

Omerta (Screenplay)

Wendy is sixteen when she witnesses the murder of her employer and twin sister who authorities believe to be her. She escapes the New York mafia responsible for the murders and changes her identity to her sister’s. Five years later, she unknowingly helps the drug addicted son of a more powerful Mafia family get clean. To keep him off drugs, she is forced into marriage, where she must keep her real identity from them.


Robbie blames her four-star Air Force General father for the loss of her mother in a boating accident and harbors pent-up anger for his many shortcomings while raising her as a single father. Over a decade of silence between them has to be put aside to save the reputation of a friend and fallen pilot. Doing so also saves her father’s thirty-five-year career and pending Chief of Staff promotion.

Tenpercentary Murders

Candy at first believes that the opportunity to get rich by writing a true crime murder script is a sick joke. Then believes that literary agents murdered on her behalf puts blood on her hands.

No Limit to Da’ Game

Home…New Orleans is where Peyton’s heart is at as he works a lucrative job in Houston and dates the owner’s spoiled brat daughter. Yet what beats most in his chest is the need to release hardcore rap lyrics inspired by the dangerous streets he’s escaped. When tragedy calls him home, it becomes a matter of listening to his heart’s cry or running from the many neighborhood threats.
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